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Diamond Transportation was started in 1991 as a full service transportation company handling truckload, LTL, and intermodal shipments. Our mission from the beginning was service - customer focused, customer flexible, and customer friendly. We discarded what the transportation industry considered as " the standard" and developed a company that was completely designed to handle the most stringent requirements for any of our core customers…. even when those requirements meant seven days a week, 24 hours a day availability.

Owner, David Jackson, has a life long relationship with the transportation industry. "I've had the unique opportunity to learn this industry from the bottom up. I started out working in the trucking industry as a college student and after graduation, selected a career in transportation sales. Learning the industry at all levels, I developed the business model for Diamond Transportation - a one source, customer focused, service organization." The transportation market place is changing rapidly and the shippers are more diverse than ever before. We have the extremely hi-tech, web savvy, e-mail, E.D.I. customers, as well as, several no tech or low-tech customers. "Technology continues to be one of the key areas driving the transportation industry today… better communication, better information, and better tracking, all equates to partnerships that exceed our customers expectations." Diamond Transportation combines your key service factors with your key technology requirements for a winning transportation partnership.

Our number one goal is to listen and be a student of our shippers. To be an effective partner we need to know every aspect of your business, including product mix, shipping schedules, key people, production, company goals and mission statement. We have to be an extension of the shippers we partner with. We represent your company to your customers and venders. Therefore, we need to think like you, be focused on the areas you are focused on, and be able to anticipate and solve challenges that all companies encounter with minimal impact on your production and delivery schedules.

In 1991, we successfully partnered with a handful of companies who required world class worry free service. Our philosophy has never changed, and today Diamond Transportation has an impressive nationwide list of shippers of all sizes, using all modes of transportation. We are looking forward to customizing a transportation program for your company!

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